About Rick


Don’t tell State Representative Rick Little that state government can’t be changed – he’s spent his career moving things that most people think can’t be moved.

Rick specializes in moving buildings, a business he began with his father many years ago when they moved the old army barracks buildings at Fort Bliss and converted them into single family homes for local families.  That experience began what’s turned into a lifelong passion for rescuing old buildings.

“It’s really the ultimate recycling,” Rick points out.  “We don’t just recycle a few parts of old buildings. We pick the whole thing up, move it to another location, restore it and give it a whole new life.”

In addition to building a business and raising his children here in our community, Rick has made a strong commitment to community involvement.  He was a volunteer youth baseball coach for 20 years, and his recent civic work has helped bring a park and a baseball field to Chaparral. He continues to be active in local community activism.

Rick is also committed to making our world better – through his local church, he’s participated in community building construction projects that bring sewers and modern plumbing to orphanages and poor families in Mexico and Zambia.

Rick is running for office as a community member and citizen legislator, not a career politician. “The mess in Santa Fe was bigger than anyone anticipated.” Rick says, “Last year, we were 500 million dollars in the hole, but we found a way to balance the budget without raising taxes. We still have a long way to go to clean up our state government, but we have fiscal solvency now. It’s a start. We certainly can’t go back to the irresponsible spending that got us into this mess.”